Candidate for the position of Commuter Students' Representative

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Thomas Evans

As a commuter student for most of my studies I am aware of many of the issues that affect us. I think that by having active representation we will be able to address these issues more effectively.

Often early starts and/or late finishes are impractical. How often have you missed a class due to issues with your commute? Even if you do get in, it can be physically and mentally draining just to travel in and back. There is also a need for more reliable transport and more options for discounted travel.

Interaction with the wider university community is often limited due to less time to socialise, building networks or attended events on campus. When thinking about joining societies or events, spontaneity is not usually an option.


I will campaign for


  • Allowing commuters to self-identify and receive ‘commuter status’ to access tailored support


  • Flexible timetabling which gives commuter students priority access to timetable alterations


  • Flexibility of virtual attendance and/or recorded lectures supplemented by online readings, options to submit work online; and virtual office hours with tutors and lecturers


  • Dedicated social and storage spaces on campus


  • Addressing barriers to participation in social activities and societies


  • Sharing the collective insight of those who have been commuters to current and future students