Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Natasha Kinsman

Hi everyone! My name is Natasha and I am a 3rd year Sociology student. I love being in Edinburgh, and pre-COVID you could usually find me working in Teviot or at a cafe in Marchmont. 

I'm running as the undergraduate representative for SPS because I believe in the community that we can build for all of us. COVID-19 has taught us that we need to create an environment to support everyone. 

I believe that I am the best person for this as I have shown my dedication to the school through being a student representative in 2nd year, and I was one of the founders, as well as secretary and president, of the Sociology Society. I have been involved in other organisations such as CERT, and the Edinburgh University Theatre Company which has been so fulfilling, and allowed me to meet so many great people and be involved in some fantastic communities.

If elected, I will:

  • Work to create a community for all students within SPS.
  • Support sustainability intitiatives within the school and the wider university.
  • Help build stronger relationships between the staff and the students.
  • Work to improve welfare efforts within the school.
  • Set up an effective way for students to communicate with me and EUSA  to discuss the issues you are facing. 
  • Improve inclusivity within the school

I am committed to working tirelessly to represent you in everyway I can, as I believe that together we can create a great environment within the school.