Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Prerana Singh

The Pandemic has not only halted our daily grind of gaining experience and exposure as university students but has also confined us within the 4 walls where the rarely voiced frustrating issues just echo back to us, ultimately saturating us even further. As a school representative, more than just being ears to those issues, I will try my best to achieve proper help and response for us. I aim to build an amicable relationship with my peers by not just being a mere formal representative but more of a next-door buddy.

As a First-Year student studying International Relations and Law, I feel the necessity of representing the resonating voice of everyone who finds the need of a representative who can not only make them experience the warm embrace of the Uni. Life but also help them adapt and cope up with other aligned engagements, to at least help feel a bit of normalcy and enthusiasm again.

The ecology of maintaining stability and coherence in any relationship holds the most vital importance but is anchored upon genuine commitment, dedication, understanding and most importantly a sense of mutual trust and respect. As a school representative, more than just catering to the principle needs, I will try to fill up any void by becoming an efficient and honest bridge between the admin and us.

I, Prerana Singh, intend to seek your assurance and trust because I have been trying to represent my peers and honestly understand the entire tumultuous situation by having served as a Programme Representative in Sem1, as the Student Body Vice- President and as the President of Many clubs and societies in my high school years. Having consecutively shouldered this task, I request you all to entrust me with this responsibility of trying to bring the change we all seek for.