Candidate for the position of Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Eva Pildegovica

My name is Eva Pildegovica and I am a third-year MA Health in Social Science student from Riga, Latvia. I have lived in three countries throughout my life, moving to the United States at the age of 7 and deciding to undertake my undergraduate degree here in Scotland. I am passionate about health and care, having volunteered at a dementia centre during my 2nd year of study and currently working part-time at a medical technology start-up in the field of breast cancer prevention.


I believe I would be a suitable Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative because I am a highly motivated, trustworthy and empathetic team player. I am committed to making everyone’s voice heard and to fostering a stronger community spirit and sense of identity.


Understanding and experiencing first-hand the mental distress and fatigue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am convinced that now more than ever we need to create an engaging culture of horizontal and vertical communication that would help unite and engage students using innovative methods across various platforms.


To be more concrete, my aims include:


Improve Mental Health Support

  • Proactive engagement with the university staff in investment and broadening of the mental health services currently available to students. By raising awareness of the necessity and urgency of the expansion of mental health support, I intend to prioritize accessibility and availability of resources.


Strengthen Inclusivity

  • Work on a more effective feedback and input pathways between students and the staff of the School of Health in Social Science. Building upon the current existing formats of ‘Coffee Breaks’ and 'Lets Gather’, my goal lies strengthening a sense of inclusivity among all members of the School. 


Thank you very much for considering my candidacy, I would be honoured to have your vote!