Candidate for the position of Literatures, Languages & Cultures Undergraduate School Representative

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Lucilla Luprano

Hi! I am Lucilla Luprano, and I am standing to be your LLC Undergraduate Student Representative for the upcoming year. I have been a programme rep for the past two years for the Scandinavian Studies - in this position I have worked with fellow students and staff to improve communication, to reduce the use of paper and to make communication and information clearer for joint honours students. I am confident that this experience has made me aware of which areas have room from improvement at LLC and I aim to tackle them in the next academic year.

These are the three main points I want to work on:

  • It is paramount to support students’ mental health right now and during the next academic year. While we do not currently know what that will look like in terms of the delivery of our education, we know that we need to consider the implications that this unprecedented time is having and will continue to have on our mental health. I will make sure that LLC takes this into account, to ensure fairness and to actively work on supporting their students. When working on the support available for students’ mental health I will also focus on how the university supports its students while abroad and strive to make sure that everyone knows exactly what is available to them while they are not in Edinburgh.


  • As a joint honours student myself I find it essential to work on improving the communication between schools that offer joint honours degrees, as it is ineffective. This often leads to confusion, both for students and for staff alike, and makes the system more complex than necessary, resulting in longer waiting times and more work for all parties. I will make sure that schools effectively share information to support students in the best way possible.


  • This year a lot has moved online, so I feel like it is necessary to have a more straightforward and uniform way of using our digital resources. While at university I found myself having to navigate multiple unfamiliar platforms depending on the course, and I often was not instructed on how to use them properly. I believe that LLC should ensure that their staff and students know how to use these platforms and that there is homogeneity regarding platforms and how they are used.


My manifesto is only a small clog in the big mechanism. As I realise this list is not all-encompassing, I look forward to meeting you, listening to your views and your opinions and make sure to take in consideration your concerns. I am confident we can improve, together.