Candidate for the position of Edinburgh Medical Undergraduate School Representative

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Alex Shen

Hello! I'm Alex, my pronouns are she/her, and I'm a first year medical student from Edinburgh. I'd like to be your student representative so I can listen and bring forward your concerns as well as addressing a few areas I hope to improve:

1. Mitigation of the impacts of Covid-19 and lockdowns
I’m very aware that pandemic and lockdowns have made it a lot more difficult for many people, especially with the issues of widespread isolation and the difficulties that come with that both within academic life and without. 

The relative lack of structure this year has also added to concerns in getting motivated to study, and I’d like to hear from you on ways we can address this as a community. It’s also clear that many of these factors are also causing an increase in stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues across the school. 

2. A focus on mental health and wellbeing
This year’s been really hard on everyone, expanding on existing issues as well as precipitating several new significant issues. I’d like to not only work towards making a more welcoming atmosphere for people to talk about mental health or wellbeing concerns they have, but also greater signposting of relevant resources and creating more support within our community to talk about these concerns. 

These measures will not be able to replace professional help, but with the difficulties involved in accessing services like the University’s Counselling Service, it is crucial that we, as the student body, are supported in taking a more active role in supporting others in our community in the short- and long-term. 

3. Communications
I’m aware that we also have representatives on the MSC, and I’d like to be able to provide a complementary role within EUSA, ensuring your issues are heard by the medical school and relaying specific concerns brought up within the student body. To that end, I’d like to encourage the creation of additional forums for accessing representation and consultation with the Medical School and EUSA.