Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Jeremy Pestle

Make EUSA the place to be!

Hi there! I’m Jeremy, I’m a fourth year in Physics with Meteorology and I’d love to become your next VP Activities and Services! I’ve had three years as an RA, been in committee at the Filmmaking Society, and volunteered with CHV, alongside currently being an Activities Rep - that’s just to name a few things!

Naturally your experience is different from mines; for those who joined us this year the impacts of the pandemic mean you probably haven’t yet had a chance to experience our activities and services properly. However the Association is getting ready to deliver the experience you deserve and make EUSA the place to be. So how do we do it?



  • Highlighting a good work-life balance; your degree is important but you are too!
  • Restoring Wednesday afternoons/weekday evenings for Sport/extracurricular activities
  • The Chaplaincy’s Pen Pals scheme? Let’s keep it!
  • A before, during and after approach to transitioning into university life
  • Are you an RA? We’ll have your back!
  • Struggling to make friends? You’re not the only one - let’s work to connect you with other students!
  • More Sports vs Socs!



  • Continue to guide our student groups through the challenges that the pandemic presents
  • Protect their autonomy while maintaining robust support
  • Diversifying sponsorship opportunities offered
  • Promote volunteering opportunities - there’s something for everyone and like-minded people to meet!
  • A room booking system designed by students, for students
  • Active showcasing of activities, events and work all year round (not just Welcome Week/Give it a Go)
  • Continue ongoing work to make sport accessible for everyone, including for lower income students



  • Environmental sustainability at the heart of every event and service EUSA offers
  • Reopen the Zero Waste Hub as an absolute priority
  • Let’s rework the menu in our venues, with you at the centre of implementation
  • Discount voucher scheme with student groups
  • Create “zero zone” spaces (Central and Kings) for down-time with bean bags for comfort 
  • Greater variety of EUSA-run events, like bringing pool tournaments back
  • More social opportunities for international, postgraduate and underrepresented students
  • Work with our neighbouring SUs in Edinburgh to connect students across the city through events and activities


One more thing:

  • Our work should be visible on a cross-campus basis; I’d spend a day a week working from KB!

This isn’t a one person job; your VPAS works with Activities Reps, other Sabbs and Key Representatives and together, along with your input to guide us along the way, we make an Association that works for everyone.

Let’s get to work! First task? Vote Jeremy Pestle #1 for VPAS! #ThePlaceToBe #JPforVP


My pronouns are He/Him