Candidate for the position of NUS UK Delegates

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Jeremy Pestle

Hey! Jeremy here, asking for your votes to allow me to represent you as a delegate at next month’s NUS UK Conference!

If you’re reading this on the Wednesday or Thursday of election week then I’m already doing just that at NUS Scotland conference, which (bearing in mind at the time of writing it isn’t election week yet) is/will be a unique learning experience for myself as I get to grips with the wider student politics environment beyond Edinburgh.

From a Students’ Association perspective I’ve been in the representation mix here for two years now - at Student Council I’ve been asking the pertinent questions of our Sabbatical Officers, encouraging others to do exactly the same and, as I mentioned last October, making small but key changes to the way your voice is heard in the Association.

Scrutiny of potential NUS policy is absolutely key - if the key questions of any policy motion can be answered and answered well, we know we're on the right track. Someone who has (a) experience of asking big questions to the people and policies that matter, and (b) the ability to encourage our less experienced representatives to do exactly the same and give them the confidence, is a perfect fit for the role of an NUS delegate.

I would not be here standing if I didn’t think I could do that effectively, while maintaining kindness and compassion at the heart of every question that is asked.

There are FIVE more of us to elect for NUS UK and I’m looking for your #1 vote this week to send me to the UK conference in April.

Keep safe and well as always, and of course remember my hat is also in the ring for VP Activities and Services so (if you haven’t already) go check that out!

- Jeremy (He/Him pronouns) :-)