Candidate for the position of Edinburgh College of Art Undergraduate School Representative

Yasmine Sadek

Dear ECA Community,


My name is Yasmine Sadek, and I’m a second year Architecture at ECA (ESALA). I’m running for ECA Student Representative, because I believe that now more than ever, students should have a voice in their education. Student feedback should directlyimpact educational enhancement. Students need to be heard, understood, and acknowledged.


My aims:

  1. Campaign for the implementation of school specific representation: a Representative of each of the five ECA schools, which in return will communicate the feedback the ECA UG & PG Representatives. Currently there is a sizeable gap in representation. The role will ensure the collection and communication of detailed school and course specific feedback, and guarantee that student inquiries, issues and requests are not lost or forgotten among the wider ECA issues.


  1. Push for more transparency and communication within ECA, to ensure that all students clearly understand the decisions taken by the University, to minimise negative mental, physical, and financial impacts. 


  1. Being an international student from an ethnic minority, I understand that some opinions can be harder to voice. I’m here to ensure that all student opinions and voices are being fairly heard and acknowledged. We are all students at the University, and we all deserve to be listened to and understood, especially during the tough times we are facing, through regular weekly feedback.


My strengths: 

·      Strong communication skills (both oral and written)

·      Dedicated and determined

·      Fast learner and attentive to detail

·      Able to work in a team environment

In addition to that; I have been a Programme Representative for the past 3 years: 2 years at ECA, and 1 year at a prior academic institution. I have also participated in a skills development course offered by the University of Edinburgh, over the past year, during which I have focused on improving my listening, decision-making and flexibility skills.

We have all faced a lot of academic and personal uncertainties in the past year, but should I become ECA Representative, one thing will be certain: you will be heard.

In light of the attributes mentioned above, as well as my previous experience in student representation and my commitment to the cause, I believe that I’m a strong candidate for the role, one which, with your vote, I intend to fulfil to the best of my abilities.

Your vote can make the difference

Yasmine Sadek