Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Hafsa Asif

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”—Confucius

It's not about studying algebra or science at school that education is about. It's about learning the requisite knowledge and skills to develop ourselves and the world in which we work. There is more about reading than simply learning how to read and write. Training helps one evolve individually, professionally, and socially. Education makes us become stronger versions of ourselves as well.

Promising interventions as being the Vice President are:

1) Invest in training: educators can invest time to take part in extra training on particular subjects. The university and external partners, as well as educator-networks, can organise or facilitate these trainings.

2) More online promotion, releasing up to date articles over our online and student media channels more frequently with the help of society members.

3) More mental health support from the University.

4) Student Counselling can also be done if needed.

I can understand this year is very different from all other years in terms of interaction. Social media is the best platform to communicate since the Scottish Government has forbidden gatherings. If the restrictions are at ease, the communication with help of posters along with social media posts will be very effective.