Candidate for the position of Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

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Pranav Gupta

Hey everyone, I am Pranav Gupta, currently a UG1 student, and I wish to be the Informatics Undergraduate School Representative.

I am going to be direct; I am here to enhance your University Experience! I would not make any lofty promises, just that I would ensure I convey the feelings that the students have for various activities and courses, have a proper communication bridge between the school and university and the students and work towards making it a better year for everyone despite the foreseen and unforeseen challenges we face.

Having interacted with the current Informatics Undergraduate School Representative in various weekly representative meetings and other points in the year, I know what all the role entails in greater depth and how I will go about achieving all that role needs me to.


To talk about my suitability for the role, I have previous experience in roles similar to the one I am standing for:

I am currently the UG1 Informatics Representative, where I gather feedback of the previous week and general issues through the feedback form which is sent out every week, relay the feedback along with the positives in our weekly meeting, once I get the clarifications and responses from the teaching staff, I relay them back, in the email that we send out weekly or individually depending on what the query was. Additionally, I am active with the course organizers too, and keep informing them how the students are feeling about the workload and how they are coping, while keeping the student anonymous.Having noticed that the shop did not have any clothing with the informatics identity, another rep and I have taken the initiative and have created a hoodie with an unique design for all informatics students to buy (would be available in the shop as soon as possible).

I have been class representative twice in my school life, which entailed ensuring that the class’s response to the way of teaching and the different activities happening in school, was conveyed in detail and I was the first point of contact if the class needed to be informed of any important information.

I have had the experience and have devoted considerable hours every week as a rep, in addition to my studies, now I wish to build upon it. I have undertaken similar roles for my batch and my class; I am ready to do it for the entire UG school.


Very important thing to add, always remember, you will be able to contact me through any platform you may wish to and I will try my level best to help you!


Ciao, May the best candidate win!