Candidate for the position of Edinburgh College of Art Undergraduate School Representative

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Nathaniel Cartier


Hey there!

I am a second-year student studying Acoustics and Music Technology (BSc) and a musician, who has turned his flat into a cosy recording studio. 

I truly believe that everyone can have an enjoyable university experience and want to do my best to help other students be happy!

In high school, I was the chief of our senior year’s committee, coordinating with the principal, and successfully ensuring that students’ wishes & expectations were met, and their voices were heard


  • Want to encourage students to voice their concerns and ideas
  • Will dedicate myself to getting voices heard and jobs done
  • Give my support to fellow students in any way I possibly can
  • Ensure successful ECA representation at the Student Council
  • Extroverted and enjoy meeting new people

Future of ECA and representatives:

  • Create better opportunities to connect, create and collaborate with fellow ECA students
  • Improve the reach of ECA representatives to the students
  • Continue encouraging students to strive for change
  • Looking at new alternatives to keep students informed and engaged with current ECA topics

Five fun facts about me:

  1. Worked as an official corona tester
  2. Am a certified ski instructor
  3. My songs have been played on BBC radio
  4. I technically speak 5 languages
  5. I always wear the same jacket, so you might see me around campus/Edinburgh

Kind Regards

Nathaniel Cartier
+44 7751 096668