Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Aisha Janki Akinola

Hi, I’m Aisha, a third year Architecture student and a founder and Director of the Black ED Movement. I believe we can change our university because WE have a voice. I want to make sure your voice is H.E.A.R.D.!


Hate free EUSA

  • I'll work on establishing a #NoHateHere campaign to reaffirm safety on campus and introduce intersectionality workshops for all students.
  • The report and support system for victims of racial and sexual harassment is simply complicated and hard to access. I will ensure the Report + Support website is centralised.
  • Provide clear information on how to report an incident and have robust and transparent procedures in place to respond to these incidents.
  • Put pressure on the university and EUSA to update their discipline procedures and implement a zero tolerance policy to hate crimes.


  • Implement more preventative mental health measures by lobbying for subsidized gym membership fees for students accessing wellbeing services and expanding the free yoga scheme online.
  • Liaise with the Careers Service to create more paid student employment opportunities with a commitment to paying RLW.
  • lobby the university to commit to a hidden course fees bursary (trips, materials, books) for students who incur financial barriers to their course.
  • Create a Green Hub of resources on EUSAs website and align EUSA to the national “Go Green Week” campaign.

Accessible EUSA

  • Improve the communication channels between the University and the students to ensure that all communications are student focused, and better publicize the resources, policies and campaigns available.
  • Create healthier and affordable food choices and more options suitable for students dietary requirements.
  • Wheelchair accessibility, more gender neutral toilets, EUSA website accessibility.


  • Facilitate the transition to in person teaching post-Lockdown and ensure you are adequately supported and feel safe.
  • 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems in our adult lives. I will promote a supportive culture of wellbeing and self-reflection in order to de-stigmatize seeking help.
  • Make mental health training mandatory for personal tutors, student support officers and EUSA staff to ensure they can help you in a legitimate crisis.
  • Provide a comprehensive support for victims of assault by ensuring the team at the Advice place is trained on how to respond to different cases.


  • Improve the retention of students from working class, state schools and first generation backgrounds by ensuring their needs are addressed.
  • Advocate for temporary art installations across campuses, with a focus on art that gives a platform to underrepresented student voices.
  • Lobbying for the university to hire a more diverse body of counsellors reflective of the different needs of students.
  • Organise a cultural festival to celebrate diversity.


Please visit my website Here to view my full manifesto, watch the FULL campaign video and more!

Instagram: @voteaisha4VPwelfare 

Facebook: Vote Aisha #1 For VP Welfare 

My pronouns are she/her.
I wish to be an inclusive communicator, if you require my manifesto in a different format, please contact me.