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Rory Martin

For a Community that's Connected and Protected

Hi, I’m Rory! I am a fourth year English Literature student, and I am running for Vice-President Community

For fear of stating the obvious, this past year has defied all of our expectations for what university life should be like. In a time when we find ourselves scattered and isolated across an entire globe, maintaining strong community spirit has never been more crucial.

I know a lot of societies have worked tirelessly in adapting to this constantly evolving climate; having personally both supported the delivery of online events, and benefited from them as well. However, I believe we can do a lot more to build strong networks across our university community, enabling students to foster lasting meaningful connections at a point when the concept of socialising is regarded as a distant myth.

This is what I’m fighting for:

Community Connections:

  • Work closely with the VPA to support societies in the delivery of online socials: although many people might enjoy a giant zoom call with fifty complete strangers, it should not viewed as the primary and only means by which students, old and new, are able to connect
  • Increase awareness and access to the wide range of applications and platforms that can make online events enjoyable for all
  • Facilitate buddy systems to pair up students with common interests from across our whole community, as an alternative to the organic formation of friendships which would no doubt occur if we were able to mix like in the olden days

Community Protections:

  • Hold the university accountable for the millions of pounds in rent stolen from students who were ordered to return to campus, for teaching that was delivered primarily online.
  • Campaign for compensation from the University, who knew that in-person teaching was not viable and would not resume for the majority of students: Rent refunds for students in halls and financial grants for students who forked out for private accommodation they would be unable to live in
  • Ensure total transparency for the university’s teaching plans going forward, so that students are fully informed when deciding whether to return to Edinburgh, and nothing like this ever happens again.

Community Sustention(s):

  • Work alongside the numerous local business founded upon sustainable practices, encouraging students to shop both locally and responsibly.
  • Run a campaign on the intersectionality of student choices: it is important for us to question not just the impact of the products we are purchasing, but the impact of where those products came from.
  • Support students searching for part-time work by opening direct channels between local employers and prospective employees.


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