Candidate for the position of Literatures, Languages & Cultures Undergraduate School Representative

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Sungmin Hong

Hello Halò Annyeong Konnichiwa Nihao Bonjour Ciao Halo Hola Olá Hej Hallo Hallå Hei Privyet Marhaban

I am a first year Chinese and Economics student and have only been serving for class representative of Introductory Financial Economics this semester. A vote for me is a vote for an unexperienced candidate who will therefore frankly listen and dedicate the time to deliver the sustainable improvements to our school.

Please check my four KEYS below and join our change for your better school experience.

  • Knowing your classmates
    • COVID19 disrupted the annual ritual of fresher’s week, and many were disappointed by the fact that there were few opportunities to socialise with others across the school.
      • For forlorn souls who missed their first two weeks of the academic year, I will suggest the University to organise a special fresher’s week for class of 2020.
      • I will also accommodate the socials between the undergraduates within our school so that we can at least know our classmates by good chance.
  • Exchange our languages
    • Many of us are eager to learn different languages and cultures across the courses and studies.
      • I will introduce the in-school activities to learn new languages between our 12 different language subjects.
      • I will also focus on enhancing the languages and cultural exchange events across the other undergraduate schools and student societies where we can also interact with other students from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Your programme matters
    • The students taking joint honours degrees are often advised to drop one due to work-loads and grade pressures.
      • I will try to introduce the reliable and effective mentoring programme within our school to ensure those who seek academic help receive an appropriate support.
      • I will also work with our school to further accommodate the graded assessment deadlines for joint honours students so that they can have a reasonable term between their assessments.
  • School for all
    • Recent racist incidents within the university site and online society social appalled our community.
      • As being international student myself, I will endeavour myself to reinstate the amiable and secure environment for all LLC students through introducing the chain of different policies that structurally protects students from racist behaviours.
      • From improving the students’ accessibility for in-school racist and hate-crime report online forms to increasing the hearing sessions for POCs, I will devote my time to represent the indispensable diversity of our school.

Your vote is a wee step forward for our school and the University.

Let your vote be counted for honest and inventive devotion.