Candidate for the position of GeoSciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Audra Swan

Hi, I’m Audra – a 3rd year geology student with the passion and determination to create positive change in the School of GeoSciences, which I am very proud to be a part of.


I am standing for election to be your school representative for the next year with my GEO manifesto:


G – grow our community

The School of GeoSciences is full of many fantastic people and opportunities, and we should pride ourselves on how diverse and unique we are. However, with the school being split across different buildings and campuses, it can often feel like we are isolated within our own departments. Now more than ever, we are realising the importance of community and connection – we have had more than enough ‘isolation’! If elected, I would aim to continue to create a positive culture within the school, so that all students can feel that they belong to an inclusive, supportive and engaging GeoSciences community.


– enhance student experience

Having been involved in student representation throughout my university career, I have the experience to enhance and improve your experience as a student within the school of GeoSciences and university as a whole. I am passionate about helping all GeoSciences students to have the best university experience possible and having all the necessary support for this. I am excited about the prospect of helping you to make your ideas into reality and creating opportunities together.


– open communication

The best way to ensure that student’s voices and opinions are being heard is to have effective and cohesive conversations. I will work to strengthen communication and relationship building between all staff and students within the school, as well as bridging the gap between the school and the student’s association. I will ensure that students from all years and degree programmes will have equal opportunity to have their voices heard and facilitate positive discussions. Unity is the most effective way to implement change – I want to bring all students and staff together to make your school and student experience the best it can be.


If you have any questions, please get in touch at