Candidate for the position of Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Emily Jacobs

Hi! I’m Emily, a 3rd year Medical Sciences student. I am very excited to be running to be your Biomedical School Undergraduate Representative and have the chance to represent you in discussions with the University, especially in such a novel and challenging environment. Having previously held roles as a class representative and global buddy leader, I have plenty of experience representing and supporting students within the university and supporting their learning experience!

As your next Biomedical School Undergraduate Representative, I will particularly aim to tackle these three main areas:


1. Fostering a Sense of Community

  • Introduce social events for students and staff across the BMTO to regain the sense of community that has been lacking due to the removal of in-person teaching;
  • Extend the Biomedical Academic Families system to include students across all years to maintain the support structure and provide peer as well as academic support;
  • Introduce communication with offer-holders and new students to provide them with relevant and useful information relating to their academic experience.

2. Maintaining A Quality Educational Experience

  • Work towards introducing biomed-specific skill sessions such as critical analysis and paper-writing, R programming and lab techniques;
  • Investigate the possibility of cross-departmental guest lectures to highlight the collaborative aspect of the life sciences and provide students with an understanding of current innovative research;
  • Investigate the potential of creating a dedicated quiet study space for students within the BMTO.

3. Enhance Representation and Communication

  • Maintain and improve the current student representative system to ensure your voices and opinions are heard and action is taken in light of these;
  • Improve the feedback system by which staff provide feedback to enable students to adequately understand what is needed to improve the standard of their work;
  • Enhance the visibility of minority biomedical scientists who have contributed to the development of the field.


In conclusion, as your Biomedical School Undergraduate Representative, I will be a friendly, approachable face around campus, who will communicate and advocate your needs to the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences. I will approach this in a goal-oriented manner in order to accomplish as much as possible and communicate to you the progress being made :)