Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer

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Flo McMahon

Hi! I’m Flo, second year Theology student running for Disabled Student’s Officer. I aim to create a University structure that is more flexible and welcoming to students with all forms of disability – hidden or visible, mental or physical. I want to create an environment where students feel positive about identifying as disabled. The current Pandemic has encouraged universities to think differently about the way they teach – online courses and recorded lectures have allowed students more accessibility in some ways, and I want to use this as momentum for future work. I aim to work with other Liberation officers and build upon the work of previous Disabled officers in order to create a positive and fulfilling university experience for all students.

Call for a system review of all Disability and Mental Health Services across the University – Students should not have to wait months for appointments, or for financial backing once they have started their courses at the University in order to gain the Support offered. Students also should not have to jump through continuous hoops put into place by the University in order to gain the support required for them to access their university courses. It’s time for change.

Put into place a Buddy-Scheme for all Disabled Students – Asking the University for help, knowing where to start, the waiting for a diagnosis or support to be put into place; this is all an incredibly daunting experience for students. I want to enable a positive use of this time, by putting into place a buddy system in which students can talk to other students who have been in their shoes, and who can help them through both the processes of application for support, and of handling university life, even once the support is in place.

Putting into place more resources for the Disabled Community I aim to ensure that it is mandatory for ALL lecturers to edit and add Closed Caption Text subtitles onto all pre-recorded lectures. I aim to work with the Disability service on implementing more BSL accessibility and brail across campus.

Mandatory Mental Health First Aid Courses and Re-freshers for all staff and Personal Tutors I believe that awareness around mental health must be developed across the University; the symptoms and the conditions themselves are currently not widely enough recognised or known about by the university and teaching staff.

Online Open Forum Sessions I aim to have regular online forum sessions in which the community of Disabled students at the University can come together in a less formal setting and air their grievances and positives of study at the university – I will use this to make changes based on the feedback.