Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer

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Annie Stoner

Covid-19 and its effects will still negatively influence the lives, health and education of disabled students come September, and the University must ensure the transition from virtual to in-person lectures is fair, equal and safe


1. Demand Covid-19 adjustments remain, as standard for all students: I will urge the University to mandate lecture recordings for all courses and demand this adjustment remains accessible to all students both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. As Covid-19 continues, I will also advocate for the continued implementation of the safety net policy, loosened restrictions within special circumstances, and for a standardized extension process for formative assessments.

2. Insist all courses remain accessible: I will push for disabled students to have the option to attend tutorials virtually, and insist these tutorials, as well as all recorded and virtual lectures, are appropriately captioned or transcribed.

3. Support students returning to campus: I will push for post-Covid sensitivity training for all staff, including therapists, lecturers and personal tutors. I will ensure the university counseling and therapy services are prepared to help and counsel the large influx of students experiencing newfound health issues and disabilities related to Covid-19, whether physical or psychological.

4. Help disabled students advocate for diagnosis and treatment: I will organize support workshops designed to help students learn how to advocate for themselves in GP appointments and other medical environments, as well as to share about individual experiences with seeking diagnosis.

5. Create a shared collective of information and resources: I will organize talks from students with an array of disabilities to share knowledge and advice on living in Edinburgh with their individual disability. I will also create a forum for disabled students to share their experiences with diagnosis processes in Edinburgh, information on success with medications and treatments, and to give and receive general advice.

6. Remain available and vigilant: I will reserve weekly drop-in hours in order to remain active and attentive to real-time concerns and feedback. The situation with Covid-19 will continue to affect lives in unforeseen ways come September, and I am prepared to support students through this transition back to campus and champion the voices of disabled students however I am able.