Candidate for the position of President

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Jason Gallagher

Calling all Edinburgh uni students! My name is Jason Gallagher, I am a Marketing student (hopefully) graduating this summer and I am here to ask for your vote in the 2021 EUSA president election. I hope you and your family are well wherever you are in the world, and I want you to know that it is Time To Be Heard. I ask for your vote in a time where pledges as a running president seem almost futile, but they are still important and your voice is still important. Let's make it stronger.

As your president, I pledge to;


  • Utilise the National Union of Students (NUS), and student bodies of all universities in the U.K., to lobby governments, political parties and universities themselves to ensure students are treated with the respect we deserve as people, and second to that what our loans should entitle us to receive.
  • Modernise mental health services at Edinburgh by providing every student at our university with knowledge of how to categorise and understand their own and their friends' mental health issues, from trained specialists and counsellors, providing tools students can utilise for the rest of their life.
  • Honour and rightfully name our university buildings after women and POC. Edinburgh owns over 600 buildings and you can count on the one hand buildings named after someone who wasn't 1. a man and 2. white. Who we represent matters and that needs to change.
  • Form a dedicated helpline ensuring that students who have faced racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, or any sort of prejudice from students or staff can speak to independent advisors, who are specifically trained to focus on these issues, separate to the Advice Place. 
  • Increase the automatic 7-day coursework extension period to 10-days, and allow for students to receive greater leniency outwith applying for special circumstances. 
  • Provide every single student that has attended this university the chance to attend a graduation, after missing my own I guarantee I will fight for us all. 
  • Forge partnerships with grassroots schemes in the city - such as the soup kitchen Empty Kitchen Full Hearts in Leith. More students and residents are using food banks than ever before, lets help however we can. 
  • Ensure that the King's shuttle bus is provided on return to in-person classes. If they could afford it before they can afford it now. Easter Bush deserves a shuttle bus too, I will lobby for better transport links for all students. 
  • Work closely with sports teams and societies to widen participation by making nights more inclusive, and provide every student with one free gym day a month - in turn growing member bases and thus more opportunities for students to make new friends and get fit. 
  • Improve the library booking system. Whilst the uni is guided by the Scottish government, there must be a better system than having to book a table weeks in advance when 40% of the seats are empty anyway. 
  • Stop us getting ripped off by food and alcohol prices at the library and Teviot. £18 for a bottle of Rosé is not acceptable, regardless if it is the world's oldest student union.