Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Réka Siró

I want to facilitate the return of social life to our campuses as soon as it's safe. But I don’t want to return to how life was before Covid – We can do better! My goals are to connect students from all campuses via better transport links and expanding Eusa presence at all satellite campuses, to support student groups through the disruption they face due to Covid and to reprioritise the use of Eusa venues like Teviot as Student Social Hubs.

My name is Réka, and I am a fourth year Linguistics and English Language student.

What do I want to achieve as Vice President Activities and Services?

I want to facilitate the safe return of social life to our campuses as soon as possible. But I don’t want to return to how life was before Covid – We can do better!

I want to:

  • Establish Teviot and Pleasance as Student Social Hubs once they're allowed to reopen
    • Prioratise student use of Eusa venues the whole year round
    • Refurbish recreational areas and add new activities like darts
    • More microwaves, kettles and areas where food brought from home is allowed
    • Microwaves and kettles that are accesible 24/7
    • Better selection of food and drinks, at more affordable prices 
  • Work towards better connections between campuses, physically and socially
    • Reinstate the King's Buildings shuttle bus
    • Establish better transportation links between other campuses
    • Expand Eusa presence and services, like the Advice place and shops, at other campuses
    • Ensure that timetabling takes into account transport time between campuses and buildings on larger campuses 
  • Support our Student Groups
    • Modernise society banking, administration, event ticketing and the Eusa website
    • Streamline training for Office Bearers and PALS Leaders, particularly those returning, or undertaking multiple similar roles
    • Create contigency measures to help the smallest student groups and the student groups hardest hit by the transition to online events
    • Rework the society room booking system so that all groups have a fair and equal chance of securing meeting spaces for events, particularly  when venues first reopen
  • Support our Students
    • Bring back Eusa run academic support schemes, like the Peer Proofreading service, and expand on current schemes like PALS
    • Keep the online services offered by Eusa running, even when we are able to return to campus, to make the services more accessible
    • Put pressure on the University to ensure they expand funding to support schemes like the Student Counselling Service, Disability Service and Student Hardship Fund
  • Expand the Eusa shops' selection
    • More sustainable alternatives
    • Expansion of zero waste offerings to all locations
    • 24/7 access to necessities like food, pens and notebooks via vending machines

Why me?

During my time at this university, I have served on three societies’ committees, was an RA, a Peer Support Leader, Global Buddy and a Year Rep. These experiences really taught me what the main pain points of student life are, and gave me a good perspective on what could be done better, and how. These roles also helped me meet and befriend students from very different backgrounds, doing different degrees, at different campuses. I want to draw on these experiences to do my best to make Edinburgh the best university it can be, not just for myself, but for all of us students.