Candidate for the position of Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Yu-yin Joanne Chang


My name is Joanne Chang and I am a third-year Anatomy and Development student. Throughout my degree, I have dedicated countless hours into being involved in all aspects of the university, from serving as course representative and programme representative in various classes to serving on student association and sports club committees, and also serving as a resident assistant in student halls. For all of these reasons and more, I will provide adequate support and representation for all students within the Biomedical Teaching Organisation, and fight for your voices to be heard.


From all my experience within different aspects of the university, I have built up a strong network whereby I can communicate with students and parts of teaching staff in all disciplines. Moreover, my time in all of these voluntary roles has allowed me to develop management and organisational skills- this means that, whatever the issue, my email is always open and I will always ensure to advocate for your causes and concerns. Finally, my two years of experience serving as programme representative and course representative have laid out a solid foundation from which I can continue a role as an undergraduate school representative.


After experiencing how the university has severely mishandled teaching and overall university organisations, particularly returning to teaching these recent months, it is important now, more than ever, that student concerns are heard and addressed. I bring firsthand experience of many aspects of these issues, from severely reduced quality of teaching to handling students and the lack of adequate mental health support provided.


Key issues I will focus on are: 

  • Ensuring students gain crucial practical and laboratory experience, particularly now when many internship programmes are being cancelled

  • Improved quality of teaching, particularly to those subjects and courses in which there are no in-person or live components, or where practical components are key in the degree programme

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing support, particularly improving immediate accessibility and removing financial barriers for aid


In short, vote for me, as I have the experience and perspective to adequately support students in the Biomedical Teaching Organisation, and I will strive for your needs and concerns to be addressed.