Candidate for the position of Student Parents' Representative

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Steven Anderson

Hi all. I'm Steve and I am the currently presiding Student Parents' Rep.

Throughout my tenure, I have hosted community conference calls between us Student Parents to help foster our community, created a survey (which got 50 responses) to establish what was going well and not so well for us Student Parents at Ed Uni, reached out to all schools individually in an attempt to engage as many Student Parents as possible, and have - along with the uni - created a 14-point action plan of things we'd like to change for the benefit of us Student Parents. This action plan has only recently started to be worked upon, with its first action point soon to be realised - that of creating a webpage on the uni's website specifically for Student Parents.

If I'm re-elected, I'll aim to have as much of the action plan completed within my second tenure as possible. Until then, good luck with your studies,