Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Tara Gold

I believe that we need to create a University education for a new decade, that is more responsive, accessible, and fair for all.

Edinburgh University has not listened to students’ needs and demands during a global catastrophe. We deserve more from our educators, and our educators deserve more from the administration. I want to improve the education we receive by holding the University to account and creating long-term systemic reforms. 

Strengthening Covid response

  • Hold the University accountable for past and future decisions regarding its management of the pandemic.

  • Advocate for more significant student support as the pandemic continues to impact us. This should include tangible academic measures like no-detriment policies.

  • Lobby to ensure students are given a voice in determining the rescheduling of the promised in-person graduations, and that all students who wish to attend, can. 

  • Push for expanded online teaching training for staff members, to improve the quality of remote teaching they can provide.

Combating systemic oppression

  • Work with the Liberation Officers to raise awareness of systemic oppression at Edinburgh and advocate for zero-tolerance policies towards racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or anti-semitic academic conduct by staff or students.

  • Work with School Representatives, relevant student societies, and BAME student and staff representatives to report on policies that each School can enact to decolonise their curriculums and integrate anti-racism into degree delivery. Form timeline for the introduction of these policies and an accountability framework to ensure each School implements them. 

  • Push to establish a collaborative course creation process, allowing students and staff to design new courses and engage in emerging or marginalised fields such as decolonial studies and the climate crisis.

  • Advocate for Personal Tutors to receive comprehensive and intersectional mental health training so they are more equipped to help students when they reach out.

Reforming University bureaucracy 

  • Push for exam diets to be published at the beginning of each semester.

  • Improve processing times of Special Circumstances applications, so responses come before the deadlines rather than after and simplify the application process and its integration with school Student Support Offices and Personal Tutors.

  • Work with all schools to improve the integration of study abroad programmes into students’ degree structures. 

  • Streamline and speed up the adjustment requests process for disabled students.

Along with being a 4th year History student (and a fairly new cat owner), my experiences throughout uni, from being a student class rep in my first year to currently being a Section Editor for History, Philosophy and Education at the Rattlecap, have made me highly aware of the many systemic challenges our education faces.

Additionally, my experience in establishing and running campaigns with People & Planet and Slurp has prepared me well to advocate for your interests within the university’s bureaucracy. 

For more information on all of my manifesto pledges, go to @tara4vped on instagram, and vote Tara #1 for VP Education!