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Paula Lacey

Students deserve a voice; not only in how we are treated, but in how our university impacts others. Vote for me, to set an example of what a university run for people over profit should look like in 2021.

The pandemic has made it increasingly clear that the University of Edinburgh is run for profit over people. As one of the wealthiest universities in the country, UoE has the opportunity to be a positive force in the local and wider community, not one which drives up rent prices and finances the climate crisis at the expense of its students. Throughout my time at uni I've been heavily involved in campaigning on issues of social & environmental justice, such as working with Living Rent, the UCU and Edinburgh Must Act. I was part of the successful campaign for full fossil fuel divestment in 2018, and I currently sit on the Board of Trustees for People & Planet, a national campaigning network for student activists, which has given me the skills to enact change in a university context. 

Management relies on student disengagement, but is mistaken in thinking that we don’t care about these issues. We need to put people back at the centre of the university, to rebuild an empowered, ethical, and engaged community.

Empowering student tenants & keeping accommodation affordable

  • Establish a Student Tenants Union for those in student accommodations
  • Fight for a rent cap in existing and new build accommodations
  • Improve information and support on tenancy rights for private renters
  • Support, promote & set up more housing co-operatives

 Systemic change towards an ethical and sustainable future

  • Pressure the university to divest from Amazon and other harmful corporations
  • Push for the creation of an ethical banking policy to exclude fossil fuel funders
  • Ensure the university buys all of its electricity from renewable sources

Creating an engaged, cared-for community in the wake of COVID-19

  • Partner with local bars, clubs & venues for EUSA events
  • Fight food poverty on campus through affordable food initiatives and meal subsidies
  • Rebuild lost connections through community-focused events, and hold management accountable for their mishandling of the pandemic
  • Expand bursaries for low income students and students with refugee status
  • Reinstate the KB shuttle bus & add a stop in Marchmont
  • Create a campaigning hub to build on and off-campus solidarity networks

For more information and an in-depth look at my manifesto, please visit: