Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Mark Sandford

As your VPAS, I’ll be committed to kick-starting your student activities again after COVID. Make Your Mark on our Students’ Association and help me create an open and accessible student community within EUSA.


I’m Mark, and throughout the last four years of my Music Tech degree, my extra-curricular activities - performing with EUJO and Footlights or playing in the Hockey Club - have been the highlight of my University experience. Even when the University was unable to do so, our societies have kept students sane with online events, live-streams and socials. Student groups are a huge part of our life at Edinburgh, and we must ensure they are getting the resources and opportunities they need. As VPAS I’ll put student-led events at the forefront of the social calendar and help our community bounce back from COVID-19.


Why am I right for the job?

I’ve organised and performed at numerous events throughout the University, including weekly jams in Teviot, the 2019 graduations, and EUSA’s Roaring 20s Celebration. I know how events are planned and run and, thanks to three years on the Jazz Orchestra committee (including as Treasurer and President), I know the issues that societies face. I have the skills and experience to represent you in both student-led activities and the Students’ Association’s commercial services.


A vote for me is a vote that will help you:

Support your student group with:

  • Improved online tools: dedicated society emails, secure online storage, and internal calendars to avoid booking clashing dates.
  • A COVID-19 hardship fund (sitting alongside the existing development fund) for those societies hit hardest.
  • I’ll review society banking requirements to make it easier to manage your finances.

Host your own events:

  • More support for student-led events within our venues.
  • I’ll increase the number of events in the social calendar and let you work with the events team to create the events you want to see.

Share your voice within your Students’ Association:

  • I’ll talk to every society to understand how they want to be supported, set up regular support meetings for societies to help initiate cross-society events and provide a direct pipeline to current campaigns and Student Council issues.
  • Establish a EUSA-wide commitment to a strong student community.

Be confident about your Association’s sustainability commitments:

  • Recycled paper in printers across the University.
  • Eliminating non-recyclable packaging in our venues.
  • I’ll work with VP Community to push EUSA’s groups and venues towards sustainability and match the University’s 2030 Sustainability Goals.

Interact with your Students’ Association the way you need to:

  • I’ll work with the Disabled Students’ Campaign to conduct an accessibility review of our venues and properly represent accessibility within our Strategic Plan.
  • Aim for shops and venues to cater to every student, with non-alcoholic drinks and vegan options.

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