Candidate for the position of Business Undergraduate School Representative

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Florence Barnard

Hello! My name is Florence, I’m a third year International Business with Chinese student from the Netherlands. I am a social, determined and involved student and I would love to represent you the coming academic year as Business Undergraduate School Representative.

Like most of you, my studies have been impacted greatly by COVID-19; I was meant to go on my year abroad this year, yet right now I can’t even make it to Edinburgh due to the restrictions in place. Instead, this year I decided to put my time and energy into improving the student experience for current and future business students so I became a programme representative. In this role, I’ve worked closely with the current school representative and other programme representatives to bring your feedback to the attention of staff members and will do so further to make your voice heard in my new role.

If elected, I want to enhance the communication between students and school. COVID-19 has emphasised the disconnect students have been feeling for a longer period of time. Right now, with online teaching and students scattered across the globe, there needs to be better communication from staff to students. Therefore, as school representative I want to create more transparency towards students, so feedback can be used better in the decision-making process. This is not only important during online teaching but also when we are all able to return to campus.

I am extremely motivated and I think my experience has given me the skills to represent you well, so I hope you vote for me.