Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

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Kaleigh Saran White

The main complaint I have heard from graduated and penultimate students at The University of Edinburgh is not the large class sizes, or even the lack of study-space in the library during exam time… it is the huge number of subscriptions services and opportunities the school has to offer that go completely unused. Our school offers great student services and resources, but they are extremely under-marketed to us. This has led to students not realizing that they had free access to the Financial Times and various prestigious Journal subscriptions, scientific databases like SciFinder and Reaxys, resume-boosting courses on Bloomberg and Linked-in Learning, etc… until after they graduate, when it is too late to use them. These are the kind of resources that can add major competitive edge when applying to the job market and producing your best coursework, and, as a black BAME student, I know just how important it is to utilize all of these opportunities when trying to stand out amongst the rest of the student body. This is why if I am elected BAME officer, in addition to doing all that I can to improve the everyday experiences of BAME students at this school, I will make it my priority to improve the educational quality of BAME students by making these resources explicitly marketed to you via Facebook groups, the Student Newsletter, etc…