Candidate for the position of President

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Tom Ely-Corbett

Do you want a cheaper transport system? A Student Counselling Service with half the waiting time? The removal of the 'Scandi Bar'? after such a tough year Edinburgh needs to bounce back by doing its best for students, however, the change we want starts with us - make your voice heard in this year's election and vote!

Hey! I’m Tom, a second year biological sciences student who is running to be your next EUSA president! We know what makes Edinburgh so great is our amazing student body, the brilliant societies, but I look to you to question and understand how we can make our experience here better. Working alongside your fellow Sabbatical Officers, you can expect me to work to ensure Edinburgh University continues to be an inclusive, accessible, safe and enjoyable place to study.

As your president, I will work to improve:


Your city: make Edinburgh work for you

  • FREE bus services for our student nurses and doctors travelling to Easter bush and free bus services for disabled students.
  • Ensuring the return of the Kings Buildings Shuttle Bus 
  • Work with Just Eat Cycles to ensure FREE use of the Just Eat bikes during the week for all Edinburgh University students  
  • Safer inner-city cycle routes, including the repaving of roads between campuses and with 'first time road cycling safety' courses


Your experience: increase student satisfaction

  • Greater mental health support by bolstering funding to the Student Counselling service, ideally doubling the number of counsellors
  • Supply mental health tips and contacts on university platforms e.g. MyEd
  • Levy the university and government to reimplement UoE into the ERASMUS scheme, or a variant of it
  • A more transparent year abroad program, where Edinburgh global offers tailored assistance for applicants. Additionally, granting students more power to arrange programs with non-partner universities
  • An assignment tracker added into MyEd, to avoid losing track of assignments and being penalised


Your campus: making it safer

  • Greater security presence on campus, allowing us to alert security of anything untoward occurring on campus using a university developed app
  • Additional energy-efficient lights throughout the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links 
  • More hand sanitising stations on all of our campuses 
  • Removal of the ‘Scandi Bar’ from Bristo Square!
  • Subsidising student cafes, to make eating at university actually affordable  
  • £2 Teviot pints! 


Your university: get the service you pay for

  • Implementing an environmental pledge tracker into MyEd, featuring updates to notify us of the universities’ climate commitments and their progress. 
  • University voting polls implemented into MyEd, cast your vote easier
  • Library desk booking, so that desks are not left covered in belongings while unattended, post COVID
  • In-depth guides from the university for all students regarding the return to campus and COVID-19 next year
  • Guarantee exam timetables are released within 4 weeks of each starting semester

This list is not exhaustive, so if you would like to get in touch to propose your ideas or you have any concerns, please email me: TOMELYCORBETT@PM.ME (my pronouns are he/him)