Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Pinakesh Saha

I am Pinakesh Saha, a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Accounting and Finance and I am running for the position of International Students’ Representative. I am an outgoing, sociable, motivated and passionate individual who is always looking forward to giving back to the community. Not only have I been the head of the student council in my high school in Calcutta, India but also served as a Programme Representative in my first year of university. I have also been the first international student to be selected for the Ronald Reagan Presidential High School Leadership Programme and currently I am a mentor to their students. These leadership roles have given me the exposure and responsibility to drive change and make a difference, initiating and maintaining social cohesion among diverse students and the related departments by effective liaison and communication, that will contribute to the enhancement of a cosmopolitan global student learning experience.

We belong together by the fundamental connection of oneness across boundaries pledging allegiance to the university and you are hoping to have that one empathetic friend - a representative who will be there at any time to give a patient hearing and go out of his way for all students to make their life here comfortable enriching and memorable by ensuring all individual concerns are attended to and sorted at the level best where they arise.

What do I wish to deliver if elected?

Engagement & Communication:

  • Hear your voices and implement changes in the areas you feel need to be prioritised
  • Represent your views constructively to the university and provide you with their feedback.
  • Host meetings with representatives from each international society to better understand challenges their members are facing and work towards them together.

Assistance in Academia & Well Being:

  • Expand the international buddy program so that every new student is given the opportunity to participate, making life at university outside your home country easier.
  • Create an online platform for international students to discuss academic challenges and be able to connect them to the appropriate school representatives.
  • Work with the university in promoting the health and well-being of international students by raising awareness on more pressing health issues like mental health and also providing greater access to university counselling.
  • Campaign to bring awareness regarding opportunities and rights that you have
    and provide equal opportunities for International students in terms of Careers by
    working with the university’s career services and professional development team.

Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Work alongside the Vice President of Welfare to create awareness among both overseas and non-overseas students about the different cultures so students feel acceptable at all times in our student community.