Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer

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Jessica Moore

Hello! My name is Jessica (she/her), and I am a third year Social Anthropology and Politics student, running for the position of disabled students liberation officer during the 21/22 school year. I am autistic, and I want to help reduce stigma and misconceptions around all forms of disability across our campus. I am passionate about creating the most welcoming campus environment for all students and will work to the best of my ability to make this happen. 

I would especially like to work on the following four goals:

  • Implementing a post-COVID transition plan for students with disabilities

    • Work on ensuring that forms of online learning which disabled students have found to be beneficial are still available when on-campus teaching can resume fully

    • Establish a dialogue between disabled students and staff on the best ways the University can support disabled students during a transition to in-person teaching.

  • Introduce more support resources for students who are in the process of being diagnosed with a disability or learning difference.

    • Diagnoses can be a long and tiring process, and are not always accessible to every individual. I would like to implement more support systems within the university for students who are struggling with the diagnostic process 

    • I also want to ensure that every student has access to support, even if they are not yet able to register with Student Disability Services.

  • Make the campus a friendlier place for neurodiverse students

    • Introduce more disability friendly visuals across campus and on University web-pages

    • Normalise the use of alternative forms of communication within learning and teaching environments.

  • Introduce an Ableism-Free Edinburgh campaign to raise awareness for the real and lived impact ableism can have on the everyday lives of students here at Edinburgh University. 

Additionally, I would like to remain in contact with other disabled students so that I can continuously work to address any further concerns that arise. I would like to hold weekly, online, discussion sessions, which will be open to any student wishing to discuss or express concern about the representation of disabled students on campus. It is important for me to ensure that the disabled community in our university is heard and has a space to discuss ideas with other students, who may share similar concerns. Above all, if I were selected to be your liberation officer, I would want to leave our university knowing I did all I could to make it a friendlier and more welcoming place for future students.