Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Divya Garg

Hi, my name is Divya. I'm a first year Economics student and I'm standing to be your next women's officer! 

I want to be the voice behind which hundreds of women in university can safely stand and speak their minds without any fear. 

Coming from the land of Gandhi, I believe in the power of polite dialogue, in protests with a smile and in the power of the pen. 

I believe in strong actions rather than just words and phrases and I guarantee that my actions are definitely louder than my words. 

Time's up, no more silence, no more waiting, no more tolerance, we will stand up and fight against any injustice violence and inequality. 


1) To set up a Self-Defence Society 

  • My first and the most important objective is to set up a Self-defence society for all the women in the University  

  • I believe that setting up a self-defence society would give women the power and confidence to fight on their own

2) To create a safe and comfortable environment  

  • To create a safe and comfortable environment for all the women in the university by hosting fortnightly meetings 

  • The main motto of the meetings will be - 'We hear you, we see you, we believe'

  • This safe and comfortable environment will allow women to speak freely and express their concerns on which actions will be taken

3) Job opportunities 

  • To develop a 'women's only job opportunity portal' where special efforts will be taken to provide jobs to all the women on campus 

  • Ensuring that all the women in the University are being paid equally for the same jobs 

  • To educate the society about equality in employment 

4) The meaning of 'Consent' 

  • There are no excuses for sexual assault, there are no blurred lines when it comes to consent 

  • Awareness Campaigns will be undertaken to explain everyone in the university the meaning of the word- 'Consent' 

5) Women Empowerment 

  • To set up workshops which will aim to boost the confidence of the women in their leadership capacity 

  • To built a strong community of all women in the University to support and stand by each other 

  • To work closely with all the Women's Societies in the University 

  • To arrange an all-women's club night after each semester 

Thank you so much for your attention!

If you have any questions, please not hesitate to send me an email on or go through my twitter account:

Vote @Divya to be your next women’s officer!