Candidate for the position of NUS UK Delegates

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Caitlin Daly

My name is Caitlin Daly, I am a first year Philosophy and German student, and I have a passion for advocacy in just about everything I do.

As the founder and current president of Advosoc, a society dedicated to empowering students with the skills necessary to be advocates for themselves and others, I am equipped with an in-depth understanding of what exactly it means to be an advocate, and I believe I have the skills necessary to represent the views of us students.

Outside of university I also consider myself an activist, and certainly not a performative one. I believe in the power of demonstrations, and have taken part in large campaigns and protests, most recently in support of Black Lives Matter. I have even earned a qualification in understanding and defending the right to protest by Amnesty International. Another hobby of mine is writing online pieces related to activism. I am a fierce advocate for destigmatizing mental health, and blog about my own experiences as a disabled student. I am aware of the great privilege I have in being able to speak confidently and share my opinions loudly without some of the systemic barriers others may face. I want to use such privilege to raise the voices of other students too.

So knowing what it feels like to be truly passionate about a cause, I hope to reflect the passionate beliefs of other students at this conference if elected.

As an NUS delegate, I would be wholly committed to the responsibility of communicating with students to gather and formalise their views and opinions on the conference motions. I am not here to represent only the views that I agree with, but to be an unbiased mouthpiece for all student opinions and concerns.

Two current campaigns led by the National Union of Students are #NUSDecoloniseEducation and #StudentsDeserveBetter. I wholeheartedly support both of these movements and in my role as a delegate would ensure more than enough light is shone on these issues, to allow Edinburgh students to successfully contribute to the collective voice demanding better treatment of students during the pandemic, and a curriculum that reflects the truth of British colonialism and the impact it left.

I recognise that the chance to represent the views of Edinburgh University students to the National Union of Students is not something to underestimate. It is such a great opportunity to make Edinburgh student voices heard on a national platform of around 600 other student unions. Standing as an NUS delegate, I would be determined to ensure the absolute most is made out of the opportunity.

Thank you for reading my manifesto :)