Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

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Happison Chikova

Housing and transport are an instrument for better education. Environmental Sustainability is a guarantee for our well being and wellness. Social responsibility is our duty to live an accounted life !!! VOTE Happison Chikova Jones


Happison Chikova Jones is a second-year student studying  MSc Global Food Security and Nutrition at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies from the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. He is a former climate change research fellow at the University of Dar Es Salaam. 

During his undergraduate days, he represented students in various portfolios under the Student Council. In 2019, Happison represented the Veterinary Studies Postgraduate under the EUSA.  He then acquired the experience necessary to represent fellow students at this highest level as a VP President Community.


The aspiring candidate is adaptable,  hardworking, innovative, tolerant, resilient, caring and can work with various people from different backgrounds. These attributes make him more competent for the role being sought in dealing with housing, transport, environmental sustainability and social responsibility issues. Chikova is a  Philanthropist, an Entrepreneur and a Pastor. 



To ensure that 

  •  all students have access to adequate housing suitable for studying purposes. 
  • an updated housing database is in place for easy access by students. 
  •  a housing accommodation app is launched to link students with housing owners. 


To ensure that

  •  there is adequate and timeous transport for students 
  • transport operators make subsidies for students who pay their fares monthly and quarterly.
  • the transport is safe and comfortable as this may entail revising the University  transport policy 

Environmental Sustainability


  • carry out awareness campaigns to ensure a clean environment at the University.
  • emphasize educating students on personal health and hygiene to improve student resilient to covid.
  • ensure that the food consumed at the University is safe and free from hazards.
  • Carry out climate change awareness campaigns as a way of moving towards the attainment of SDG 13 (Climate Action) in and around the University.

Social Responsibilities 


  •  create a fund that will be contributed by our alumni and other willing students, a fund that will be used for educating disadvantaged students and supporting the poor elderly within Edinburgh.
  •  lobby and advocate for the creation of the VP post for the disabled persons so that they are adequately represented. 

****Vote Happison, a tried and tested Cadre****