Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Nathan Pamment

Together, lets make the change we need.

I’m Nathan, a 1st year Politics student.

This manifesto outlines how we will achieve better mental and physical health, I care deeply about the students at our university, and this manifesto helps every single one of them.

Change the perception of men not being able to speak up about their mental health.

  • I will launch a campaign aimed at  ending the stigma around men’s mental health and helping men speak out.
  • I will create a new position within the student association to represent Men’s mental health issues.

Helping students who are suffering with drug, alcohol, smoking and gambling problems.

  • Establish a free service to test substances on campus, so as to minimise the risk related to taking drugs and to help prevent overdoses.
  • I will launch a campaign to help students who are struggling with drugs and alcohol.
  • I will work with university to fund free rehab programmes for students with severe addictions.

Addressing racism on campus and how I will do everything in my power to tackle it.

  • I will meet with the BME liberation officer once a month.
  • Hold an online question time with students from the BME community once a month.
  • Ensure that all victims of hate crimes know how to report it and where they can access support from the university.

New measures to educate students on consent and protect students from sexual harm.

  • A mandatory seminar that will educate all incoming students on proper and genuine consent.
  • I will offer every single student a free drink cover and personal alarm to help prevent assaults.
  • Work with the University and Police to identify areas with a high level of assaults so we can implement measures to protect students.

Guaranteeing financial support for students in need.

  • Funding will be provided for students who need specialized counselling.
  • I will launch a campaign to promote good budgeting.
  • Work with the university to provide special consideration for students with part-time jobs.
  • I will work with the university to provide a fund for students who are faced with unexpected payments.

Ensuring that lonely and homesick students have access to support and help.

  • I will provide workshops for freshers in week 0, to help them manage homesickness.
  • I will establish a ‘Freshers Friend’ network for incoming 1st year students. This initiative will give freshers who are feeling particularly nervous about starting university the chance to partner with a current student.

Support the LGBT+ community.

  • I will hold monthly meetings with the LGBT+ liberation officer.
  • I will hold monthly question times with the LGBT+ community.
  • Establish a support group for LGBT+ Students who have not been accepted by their parents.