Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Hiii, I'm Breakhna, a second-year psychology student running for the position of Women’s Liberation Officer. 

A little introduction about me and why I took upon this role: I grew up in a valley called Swat in northern Pakistan (some of you might recognize this being the hometown of female education activist Malala Yousafzai) where women constantly struggled with rights to education, jobs and independence. Growing up I saw marriages being favored above education and society constantly convincing us that women inferiority was a norm. 

This is where I learned I and all women must make their voices heard. That however is not always as easily done as said. Representation and providing women with safe spaces where they can share and make their problems heard was equally as important. And that is what I hope to provide. Educational rights may have been starting point for me, but I am aware of the so many more, far worse problems that women face every day including sexual abuse and violence. 

My list of priorities for 21/22

  1. Although sexual abuse and violence tops the list, I also want to ensure that women around the university feel comfortable in voicing any experiences that may have caused discomfort e.g., harsh comments, bullying etc. Being well aware of how difficult it is to self-blame and to be confused about certain situations, I hope to work with the university to provide support groups where these can be discussed and taken action against. 
  2. To work with already existing societies at the university, such as Feminist society, Women in STEM society and nightline to ensure that women have various sources where they can seek help and be attended to when in need. 
  3. Work with the university for workshops e.g., self-defense and seminars with topics that can allow us to be equipped with skills which can prove beneficial even after university.
  4. Focus on mental health and building a community where different events allow women to connect, share and have fun. We're all in this together. 

I hope to play a role that is more collaborative and that of a team member rather than a leader. Let’s make this our campus our safe space together. Sending positive energies your way!! Vote Breakhna.