Candidate for the position of Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Payton Covelli

I have stood as an undergraduate course representative for the last year for the School of Biological Sciences. Throught the year I have collaborated with my peers and the BTO to create a more organized and comfortable learning environment within the school of bio sciences. My job was to voice the concerns of my peers in order to imporve leanring experinece. 

I gretaly enjoyed my time serving as a course representative and would like to continue serving in a representative role. I hope that with my organization, confidence, care for my fellow students, and dedication that I can continue to improve the learning experience here at The University of Edinburgh. 

My goal is to voice students' concerns accurately and create a open and safe space for my peers to share their ideas. I want to help students feel comfortable sharing their experiences with me, so that we may shape the course appropriately for the comfort of all. I prioritize the wellbeing of my peers and would like to get to know them so that i can assist them in the best possible way. I aspire to do the most for my classmates and collaborate in a constructive way with course organizers to put helpful changes into place. 

Overall, students feel overwhlemed and there is a tremendous sense of anxiety. My role is to assist students in feeling the best they can mentally, and to reduce the stress many of us have experienced. I hope that, if elected, I can contribute to a sense of ease and comfort within the school of Biological sciences.