Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Sophia Shuleva

Hi guys,

My name is Sophia Shuleva, and I am a first year Chemical Engineering student. I am standing for Women’s Officer this year. My motivation behind it is simple: I want women in this University to be heard and treated with respect. In my previous school when I worked in the student committee that was led mainly by men, I was very rarely taken seriously, and my efforts were not recognised. I want to change this. I do have experience when it comes to listening to feedback and criticism from others. I strongly believe that in order to progress as a society, we need to listen to each other and seek for solutions that benefit everyone. I am very open and would love to propose and listen to new ideas on how to create a better environment for female students. I am a patient person but have never let anyone take advantage of that. If I get elected, I will take this job very seriously and will put in the maximum of efforts in order to achieve our goals as women in this university. 

It will sincerely be an honor to work with you!

Ps: Please ignore my picture, it was taken two years ago.