Candidate for the position of NUS UK Delegates

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Thomas Evans

There has never been a more important time for the representation of students at the NUS conference. The current situation has brought about many changes and grievances in how our courses are currently taught. It is unacceptable that we do not have a unilateral voice to mitigate these circumstances. There is a disparity in the quality of education that we are getting yet we are still forced to pay the same. Albeit there is many ways in which the experience has been improved, it is not enough!

Issues that are affecting us right now are not being properly addressed. The NUS must focus on issues which are directly affecting us right now!


I will campaign for

  • The NUS to focus on issues that are directly affecting us
  • Ensuring that the quality of our teaching and education is maintained
  • Ensuring that our student experience is inclusive 


  • More mental health awareness and support
  • More bereavement support
  • More parent and carer support 


  • Affordable student accommodation and housing 
  • Reforming student finance and make it work for students
  • The need to lobby government to reduce interest rates on loans and to consider more wider availability of bursaries 


  • To provide a more direct form of governance to students by providing an option for all students to vote electronically on national policy 
  • Promoting freedom of speech and for a more open debate on issues affecting students and society