Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer

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George Ross

GEORGE ROSS (pronouns pending)


Bi Classics kid for Queer Inclusion !


I am the LGBT Liberation Officer for 2020/2021. I have gained invaluable experience in my role.

Some of the work I've been apart of: 

  • 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign; 

  • Created a pronoun guide aimed at staff and allies to help make spaces more inclusive; 

  • Successfully made period products accessible to all in Teviot.

Having dealt with mental health struggles, bi-erasure/phobia, sexism and feeling like I don’t belong, my aim is making the university as safe and welcoming a space for queer students as possible.

I will continue to fight for equality on campus, and ensure student’s voices are heard. I plan on checking in with students every couple of months, and holding either Teams meeting and/or surveys to hear your concerns.


Some ideas I have to improve the queer experience on campus…


1) LGBTQ+ Mental Health


I aim to work with charities like MindOut and LGBT Health and Wellbeing Scotland, to run online sessions to help queer people cope with their mental health.

I will also lobby the university to train counsellors in LGBTQ+ mental health, and have queer mental health services. Often queer students feel unheard by their cis/heterosexual counsellors, and are faced with people and situations that they cannot relate to.

By training counsellors in LGBTQ+ mental health, it will give students more access to services which will be beneficial to them.


2) Safe Spaces


Currently, the university only has a safe space policy for people in EUSA spaces. It does not cover the classroom or online classes.

I will lobby the university to have a generalised ‘safe space’ policy that can be applied to every course and module. It is something which will give every minority student peace of mind that they are in a safe learning environment.

It is not enough for the university to act after something has happened. This kind of proactive thinking will show students that the university care about them, and will make the university overall a safer space.


3) Period Products in All Toilets


After a successful trial in Teviot this year, period products are accessible to anyone who needs them outside the Library bar.

I plan to further this by having period products in all toilets in the Main Library, King’s Buildings Campus and Easter Bush Campus.


Like always, I will remain fair and listen to any concerns or problems students bring up to me. I will continue my efforts and learning in how to be the best Trans ally I can be.


Remember to VOTE FOR GEORGE in the EUSA 2021 Elections!!!