Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Anna Cowan

It has been an extremely difficult year for students, and welfare has been neglected at a time when it is more important than ever. I want to rebuild a university that is caring, inclusive and fit for the future. As your VP Welfare, I will be dedicated to listening to students' worries and making real change. My years of experience have shaped me into a compassionate, approachable and trustworthy candidate who you can rely on to represent your welfare concerns. Vote Anna for VP Welfare!

Hi, I’m Anna, a 4th year Sociology and Politics student, and I’m running to be your next VP Welfare! The extremely difficult year we have been through has proved that welfare within our University is more important than ever before. I want to rebuild a university that is caring, inclusive and fit for the future.

A Caring University:

  • Working from home involves increased costs for heating and bills, so I will introduce a Working from Home Fund offering subsidies to cover these costs and providing rental equipment such as desk lamps 
  • I will ensure the University provides increased support for students who have experienced grief or bereavement as a result of the pandemic

  • I want to run a campaign about digital consent to tackle online sexual harassment and revenge porn

  • To support drug harm reduction, I will introduce free drug testing kits and provide amnesty bins to dispose of drugs in a safe environment without consequence

  • I will strengthen the #NoExcuse campaign through an expansion of active bystander training and improving Report and Support systems

An Inclusive University:

  • To build a truly anti-racist University, we must ensure that our Black and minority ethnic students are given the support they need. I will work towards a diverse counselling service with more support for students of colour and hiring Mandarin speaking counsellors 

  • I will commit to the Students’ Association’s Black Lives Matter pledge by lobbying the University to fully address the concerns of Black and minority ethnic students 

  • I want the Students’ Association to host workshops raising awareness of stigmatised mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder

  • To support trans and non-binary students, I will establish a permanent Gender Empowerment Fund giving students resources to affirm, explore or experiment with their gender presentation  

  • I will work with the Student Disability Service to provide more guidance and support to those with chronic illnesses such as endometriosis

A University Fit for the Future:

  • I will push for permanent reform of the special circumstances and extensions process so students are not burdened with the responsibility of providing evidence and if more evidence is necessary, it is provided within a trusting, supportive environment 

  • I want to introduce take-home STI testing kits, which can be discreetly delivered to you at home or collected from Potterrow

  • To save students’ time and money when they are working hard, I want the University Library cafe to stock healthcare items such as pain relief  

  • I will work with groups such as Tackling Elitism and The 93% Club to foster a more welcoming University for students from a variety of backgrounds

I'd love to hear from you - please email if you have any feedback or questions about my manifesto!