Candidate for the position of NUS UK Delegates

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Georgie Alford

Hello! My name is Georgie Alford. I am in my final year studying Social Anthropology and Politics. While UofE has opened our eyes and minds academically, it has also taught us to think critically about the world  - including the university itself! I would therefore like the opportunity to represent UofE students as an NUS Delegate for the upcoming conference because I am keen to give you a voice on the national stage and influence future NUS policy changes. 

If I were elected to this role, I would make it my priority to have these points raised at the NUS Conference. This list has been drawn from conversations with staff and students but I am keen to hear any other ideas you may have. 



  1. Tackling overt racism and microaggressions 

    • I will remind the conference of the shocking racial attacks that occurred online and on-campus and encourage them to introduce staff and student training for responding to overt forms of racism and fostering an awareness of microaggressions. 

    • University campus should be a safe space for everyone and therefore I support policy that provides greater protections on campus 

  2. Decolonising the curriculum

    • I will encourage universities nationally to include more people of colour into reading lists, include colonial histories in teaching, and develop mechanisms for fairer hiring practices 

  3. Improve access for disabled students 

    • Acknowledging that not all disabilities are visible, I will support policies that aim to bring about more significant changes for disabled students both in terms of physical access and systems of support



  1. Support for sexual assault victims 

    1. After feeling like I was unable to speak about my own experiences of sexual assault, I will lobby for motions that support victims of sexual assault, improve mechanisms for reporting sexual assault, and encourage students and staff to undertake consent training

  2. Improve mental health service provision 

    1. I will support policies that increase funding for counselling provision and mental health support

  3. Free drug testing 

    1. I will lobby for the implementation of free drug testing for students - this will help students determine that drugs are safe and reduce the number of fatal accidents 



  1. Encourage cycling 

    1. I will lobby for increased collaboration between universities and local cycle shops to provide free or at a minimum discounted cycle repair

  2. Improve recycling and food waste access

    1. Too many Edinburgh students don’t recycle because bins are not provided. I will lobby for the improvement of these services to student and city-wide households. 

  3. Cater to broader dietary requirements 

    1. I will argue in favour of policy that supports a more diverse food provision on campus and lobby to have such food-stuffs and other items sold on campus offered at a reduced rate