Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Academic)

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Bhanu Wahi-Singh

Hello. My name is Bhanu Wahi-Singh. I am a second year medical student running for re-election as Academic Activities Representative.

My Qualifications:

Serving this past year as academic activities representative, I managed projects to support academic societies in these difficult times and screened prospective societies in all categories. Below are some highlights from the last year:

  • Created a proposal to increase online activities, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility in the COVID era and beyond

  • Proposed a tool to facilitate proposed society constitution creation

  • Ran an online hub for centralized academic society communication

  • Served on the EUSA activities executive with the activities team, fellow activities representatives, and the VP Activities & Services

  • Served on the proposed society subcommittee, overlooking all proposed society applications

  • Served on the University’s Senatus Academicus, its supreme academic body

What I propose:

I have three primary goals as Academic Activities Representative in 2021-2022:

  1. To promote a spirit of inclusivity within academic societies

    • Among the best things to come out of 2020 was an increased focus on inclusivity. Academic societies, the largest category of EUSA societies, can play a pivotal role in changing campus culture in this respect.

  2. To ensure societies continue to function, even during this turbulent period

    • I have the experience and knowledge to ensure academic societies are properly supported during COVID, having served in the role throughout the social distancing measures and lockdown.

  3. To keep improving the society creation system

    • We should help students share their interests and passions with others. I will continue to streamline and improve our process so that students are able to make high-quality societies as efficiently as possible.

Why I’m running:

Academic societies are near and dear to my heart; they are the societies I interact with most and a place I am able to explore and learn about fascinating topics. Serving as Academic Activities Representative has allowed me to aid existing academic societies and encourage the creation of many more. I would be honored to continue in this role and build on my experience to accomplish even more next session!

I intend to accomplish my goals for next year by capitalizing on my extensive leadership experience, detailed in last year’s manifesto*, and knowledge of the role.

Vote Bhanu Wahi-Singh for Academic Activities Representative!