Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Dance, Music and Theatre)

Emma Hunt

Hi everyone! 

I'm Emma, I'm going into my final year studying International Relations, and I'd love to be our next Activities Representative for Dance, Music and Theatre.

Since my first year, I've been very active across the theatre societies at the University, as Productions Manager and Tech Manager for the Theatre Company (Bedlam), as well as taking on positions of responsibility within the Edinburgh Revue and EUSOG, and working closely with the Footlights and Shakespeare Company on various projects over the last three years.

Now, in my final year, I'd like to use what I've learnt and observed to work to make a difference for all of the dance, music and theatre groups across the University. 

This year has posed unprecedented, fundamental challenges for our societies, made even more acute for dance, music and theatre because so much of what our societies do best has been illegal for the last twelve months. Cancelled rehearsals, shows, showcases and performances have impacted all of us, and now the challenge is to build back up from this incredibly difficult period.

I'd like to increase inter-society communication between the huge number of dance, music and theatre societies that we have, to facilitate a platform not only for collaboration, but also to share ideas, tips and advice as we all try to re-find our feet in the coming academic year.

Of course, we’ve all seen that the path towards getting back to normality is anything but linear, and we might find that we need to continue operating in an online-only environment. In that case, I think that communication between societies becomes even more important - whether that’s for collaborative online events and socials, or to share tips on attracting and retaining new members, promoting opportunities, or even just motivating each other to keep going when a return to the stage still seems far away.

I'd also want to spend time talking to members of all of our different societies about how EUSA can best support our return. We all know that our societies don't really operate like most other EUSA groups, and it's so important that we're able to receive accurate, tailored support and information about what is and isn't allowed as restrictions around the Arts are changed. 

Society committees have got enough on their plates already, and so I see the Activities Rep role as helping EUSA understand why these societies are so valuable to the cultural life of the University, and why it’s so important that our societies remain well-resourced and well-supported, as we start making plans for a return to sold-out performances at venues across Edinburgh.