Candidate for the position of Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

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Ammir Barakat

Hey all, I'm Ammir, your current (and hopefully next) school representative! 

This year, I've been very active in the different Informatics group chats, keeping you in the loop of important announcements and opportunities, and gathering your thoughts to send back to the school and university.

I've been especially vocal in focus groups held across the university, related to issues of community, mental health, disability, and most importantly, the focus group where your feedback led to the university introducing mitigating circumstances, such as automatic extensions.

Within the EUSA Student Council, my votes have reflected your will, such as my vote to support Rent Justice Edinburgh, and to allocate funds to provide material support for trans/non-binary students.

My role as rep this year has been a great learning experience, and has allowed me to build good relationships with school and university staff. If elected again, I will build on this experience, improving the (already wonderful) rep network we have in our school, creating guidance specifically catered to Informatics students, and finally, introducing some quality-of-life upgrades to Appleton Tower.

My promise, as usual, is to always be here for you, and to listen to any problem you come to me with.