Candidate for the position of Law Undergraduate School Representative

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Vambo Maswiswi

Who am I?

Hi everyone, my name is Vambo Maswiswi and I am running for Law Undergraduate School Representative.  I am a second-year law student from Zimbabwe. I am running for this position because I want to enhance the learning experience of all undergraduate law students and I am very passionate about the development of young people. 

Why me?

My previous leadership positions in high school required effective communication, teamwork and great listening skills in order to get the job done effectively. As a ‘Form 4 (year 11) Line leader’, I acted as a guide and mentor to the pupils as they prepared for their IGCSE exams. I supported the pupils by dealing with their concerns and requests and passing them onto the teacher in charge. This past experience has fully equipped me for the role of Law Undergraduate Representative, and I am confident that I possess the necessary people skills required to effectively represent the undergraduate law student body.

I know that mental health affects many students and as the current Welfare and Pastoral Officer of ACS, I know how big of an impact it makes for people to feel as though their opinions and voices are being heard and understood. I, therefore, aim to ensure that all of this is achieved through transparent and effective communication between us. 

I shall strive to be as successful as possible in the tasks assigned to me and in being a strong mode of communication between the law students and the law school.

What will I do?

I understand that getting your voice heard as a law student can often feel frustrating and nearly impossible since there are hundreds of us. One might even think “Well, what difference will my opinion make?” I would like to be the representative that encourages each and every one of you to share your views and opinions. I will also support you along the process. Due to COVID-19, many may have suggestions on how to improve online learning and I would like to ensure all requests are met with a suitable resolution.

In addition, I would like to:

  • Work with lecturers to create more exam workshops, particularly for first-year students, in order to help them effectively revise and inform them of what is expected
  • Offer additional support to first-year students to ensure they are fully aware of the facilities available to them, as well as any available insight days 
  • Create a semesterly online questionnaire that will not just be solely based on how you are finding a particular course


Having a say in how your school should be run plays a key role in ensuring each student receives a fulfilling, enriching and enjoyable education.