Candidate for the position of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Monika Zon

Hi - I’m Monika, a philosophy student originally from Poland. I am running for your vote to be the undergraduate representative for the school of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

With the previous year being less than ideal, I promise to build on the work of previous school representatives to create a stronger support system for you within our fantastic school.

Being a programme representative for two years, I hope to use skills I’ve developed to make your experience in our school better.



I have been fortunate enough to meet many students via socials I’ve organised or helped organise within PPLS. I can extend this experience to building a stronger sense of community for our school by working with all our departments. I will also liaise with programme representatives from all departments of PPLS to ensure your feedback is heard.



Depending on restrictions, I promise to continue to provide online socials as well as in-person ones. Our students doing an online degree, or who are not in Edinburgh during things like years abroad, should also feel part of our school.

We will hopefully celebrate overcoming this year with a PPLS Ball and second years will get to meet the rest of our student community face-to-face.



As part of the PPLS Inclusivity & Diversity Committee, I know staff are keen to continue working towards a better, more inclusive curriculum. I promise to encourage more diverse readings into our reading lists.



PPLS has many support services, but many students either aren’t made aware of these resources or don’t feel welcome to use them.

I aim to make these resources easier to find and liaise with staff to ensure that you are reminded of the many opportunities for support & feedback you should feel welcome to access.



We know how difficult the transition to university can be. I promise to ensure that students coming into our school are able to be inducted into our community promptly. This comes with also ensuring that new students are made aware of support and opportunities our school offers.


I really enjoy working with our school to improve our student experience. I promise that no matter how small your problem might be, I will be ready to listen, take you seriously and develop a strategy to address the issue. This manifesto is not exhaustive; I am hoping to shape the school and community with and for all students.

If elected, I will thoroughly look forward to representing you.


Vote for a stronger sense of community.