Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Isha Pawar

Hello, I’m Isha (, and I am a first-year Computer Science student here at Edinburgh. Having been raised by a single mother, I strongly believe that whatever a man can do, a woman can do too, maybe even better. Coming from a developing country like India, I’ve seen inequality and sexism being the reason behind many offenses committed against women. I am not saying I can change that single-handedly, but I sure do want to try and make a start. Coming from a Science background, I see the wide disparity in opportunities meted out to both genders. I identify as a woman raised by another strong woman and I want to build a community that acknowledges and respects the contribution of women in the world. Coincidently, my name too means “woman” in Sanskrit (a classical language of South Asia). 

My Manifesto: 


  • My main goal is to get women to respect and stand by each other. This can be done by organizing sessions in which women from myriad backgrounds get together and share their life story, however big or small, and be themselves without any hint of judgment. 

  • Unifying all types of students, no matter what bracket they fall in- non-binary, LGBTQIA+, cis, trans, genderqueer, gender expression, gender fluid, gender-neutral, or simply unlabeled. 

  • Setting up a social media page, which is easily accessible, so that women feel free to address their issues, shed light on problems, or come up with ideas to build the community.  


  • To further promote the #NoExcuse campaign, highlighting the importance of mutual consent in a venereal relationship or otherwise and breaking misogynistic stereotypes that hinder our personal growth, both mentally and physically. 

  • A digital-based campaign for survivors of Gender-based violence and actively normalizing the situation for them because they are no different from us. An incident does not define any of us. 

  • Focus on equal opportunities for minority groups and organize workshops to press on issues such as the gender pay gap, lack of enough women in leadership positions, realities of teen pregnancies, trauma-centered feminism, and many more. 


  • To make sure that there is enough availability of female hygiene products.  
  • Organize movie marathons for movies made by female directors, women-centric films, or those which have a strong social message. Read books written by female authors and help them grow. 

  • Promote women of color to embrace possibilities and inculcate a sense of acceptance and solidarity.