Candidate for the position of History, Classics & Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative

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Scarlett Attari

Hi everyone! I’m Scarlett (she/her) and I'm a 3rd year running for HCA Undergraduate School Representative! 

I’m very passionate about creating a community in HCA and representing everyone in our school. For the past three years, I have been on the History Society Committee, been a Programme Representative for History, and for the past two years have served as an Ambassador for the School. I understand the responsibility of being a representative and am ready to take on the position to represent you!


1. The issues I want to tackle are threefold:

  1. Community

I believe fostering a welcoming community in HCA is extremely important. No matter what year you’re in, connecting with our school is an important aspect of the student experience! Therefore, I plan to:

  • Work with our societies to foster a relationship between all subjects and create more channels of communication for students across HCA to connect;
  • Increase communication between staff and students;
  • Continue working with HCA Diversity and Equality Committee to have transparent conversations around systemic forms of oppression in our school. I will continue to support and help give voice to our students in these discussions. All students regardless of their background should feel welcome in HCA.


2. Academic Support

I will support measures aiding in academic guidance. I plan to:

  • Organise academic support events for first years, working with HCA Peer Support and societies to organise subject-specific events with staff and older students to give advice and make the essay-writing process less daunting. We should all support each other more in our academic endeavours;  
  • Work to make essay structure, advice, and marking criteria more transparent for all year groups;
  • Continue the anonymous feedback reports to represent students views and understand other academic needs;
  • Advocate for clarification and support for joint honours students both within and out with the school.


3. Accessibility

No student should feel disadvantaged in their university experience. I plan to;

  • Support the retention of online learning post COVID-19. For many, the new policies and ways of learning introduced have proved to be beneficial. I will advocate for the continuation of remote access meetings;
  • Support physical accessibility measures in our building when/if we transition to being back on campus;
  • Work with the Disabled Student’s Officer to further accessibility needs for societies;
  • Continue to support students in other accessibility needs, such as access to computers and other resources needed to perform in classes.


I want to be approachable and work on the feedback and opinions of the students I hope to represent. I truly love being a part of HCA and would really appreciate your vote! If you have any questions feel free to email me or by Facebook /Instagram (sscarlettka)! <3