Candidate for the position of Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

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Manaal Shah

Hello! I am Manaal, a second year Biology student and I am running to be your next Biology Representative.

Why Vote for me

My time studying Biology here has been great. As your Biology Rep I will be proactive and always available to hear all your thoughts. As great as the school of biology is, I've noticed some room for improvements. 


Student Led Academic Platform

I am sure we can all agree this year hasn’t been the easiest. To make studying easier,  I will take on the initiative to create a student-led website with others for sharing learning resources, tips and other materials for the benefit of our entire student community. Academic societies can share their information and contact links. To make this your platform I will hear your ideas and opinions to make the website better. 


Enhance the skills taught by the school

Biology is an ever-evolving subject, I think it’s recently becoming important for 1st and 2nd years to have more experience with programming. A programming club already exists within the school of Biology, but it is only open to 3rd and 4th years. If I get elected, I will make the biology programming club open to everyone. If you want more  internship sessions or career fairs I will listen to you and put these ideas forward. 


Supporting ALL groups in the School 

I would organise more awareness and more support for everyone in the school but I think it's very important to give people from the BAME community, mature students and the LGBTQ+ community (and more) in the school a clear voice. l would try to introduce events to spread more awareness of issues some of us have to face today. This would educate everyone and get people involved .

Supporting 1st years

It’s important to make 1st years into the university feel part of the greater community. Having members from years above create and advertise a Messenger chat could really push freshers in the right direction to get help, find friends and ease into the rhythm of university life.  Biology societies could help promote their events too. I would make more online friendly resources to share to incoming first years to let them feel more at home in Edinburgh. This could be from a collaborative school of biology top 10 coffee shops/ plant shops etc. 


These are just some ideas but if you elect me I will make sure to listen to your ideas. The only way we can really improve our student experience is by listening to each other. 

If you ever need to talk or ask a question my email is

Happy Voting!